Interview: J Eckert (Get Honored)

J Eckert (Sargonas H2O) brings your gamer score to life with unique embroidered patches from Get Honored inspired by the first ever achievement system created by Activision in the 1980’s. This interview was originally posted on PMS Clan in December, 2013.


Interview: Legend of Iya’s Creator

Sara interviews Andrew Bado, creator of the Legend of Iya. This review was posted on the Girl Gamer Vogue website in November, 2014


Interview: Pang Hartman of Frogdice

Frogdice is an independent game developer based in Lexington, Kentucky responsible for Threshold RPG, one of the oldest RPG enforced MUDs currently in operation and several other popular PC games geared towards both core and casual gamers. Today, I will be talking to Pang, Vice-President, Creative Director, and Lead Designer. We’ll be discussing Frogdice’s newest […]

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